Asahi Kasei

Celphere is a 100 percent pure microcrystalline cellulose sphere which is highly spherical and uniform in its particle size distribution, enabling greater accuracy and consistency in drug layering and coating.

This product exhibits high mechanical strength and low friability allowing it to withstand the rigors of fluidized-bed or wurster coating process. Celphere is insoluble, yet it absorbs water during processing, thereby reducing particle agglomeration even at high spray rates. During dissolution it avoids film deformation or rupturing under stress. It has low chemical reactivity and hence can be freely used to layer high dose, moisture sensitive and potent actives

Celphere is a 100% MCC spherical seed core. It is used as a seed ore of controlled release and taste masked pellets. It has various superior characteristics as a seed core for drug layering and film coating.

Celphere TM is white to pale yellow coloroed spherical seed core derived from 100% MCC. It has no smell and odor. When it is put into water, it swells slightly but does not dissolve. It is insoluble to organic solvents such as ethanol.

Special properties and function of Celphere
  •     High mechanical strength
  •     Optimum water holding capacity
  •     High sphericity
  •     Broad product range including small size sphere
  •     Low reactivity