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The Hostage and Missing Families Forum

BSC Distributors, Ltd. supports The Hostages and Missing Persons Family Forum.

On October 7th, 2023 the Hamas terror group unleashed a brutal terror attack on Israel. Thousands of innocent civilians were brutally murdered, tortured and more than 240 were taken hostage, and there are currently 50 persons still considered missing or unaccounted for.


Among the 240 taken, there are infants and children, teenagers, mothers, young women, and elderly. We believe these innocents are all being held inside Gaza by Hamas inside underground tunnels.

In the wake of these atrocities, and within three days of attack, the family members of the hostages came together and created an organization called the Hostages and Missing Persons Family Forum. This NOT a political organization and does not take sides with any political party. Its objective is simple: #BringThemHomeNow! 

This is the largest, and only organization supported by all of the families. 

The Hostages and Missing Persons Family Forum needs your support for:

  • Housing and Food for family members who have lost their homes from fire and destruction

  • Mental health support for the more than 240 families who live in horrible uncertainty and worry

  • Security for those who were witness to the atrocities and live in constant fear

  • Media and diplomacy campaigns to create global awareness and pressure against Hamas to free the captives

  • Legal efforts through all channels, locally and globally to try to get Red Cross and medical access to hostages – which until now has not happened

  • Global awareness campaigns to tell the stories of our missing loved ones


This forum is operated solely and fully by volunteers. All money donated goes 100 percent to the efforts to release innocent hostages.

​By supporting the Hostages and Missing Persons Family Forum, BSC Distributors, Ltd. aims to make a positive impact and work towards bringing these hostages home, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the sanctity of human life and the protection of those in need.


and get to know who they are

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About Hostage and Missing Families Forum

The Hostage and Missing Families Forum was formed less than 24 hours after the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7th, in which thousands of innocent civilianswere murdered and taken hostage by Hamas.

The Forum is volunteer-based and laser-focused on bringing the hostages back home to their families, to us. The forum offers families holistic support and professional assistance and advances the ongoing efforts through all channels, locally, regionally and globally, to bring the hostages and the missing back home to their loved ones.


Demanding the release of innocent hostages does not require bravery, it is not political either. Many of the hostages are children, women and the elderly. We demand to bring them home now. Counting thousands of volunteers and supporters, the Hostage and Missing Families Forum includes family members and friends of the hostages alongside top security, law, media and diplomacy experts who are donating their time to the cause.


Donations are directed towards advancing all necessary efforts to raise awareness, create campaigns in Israel and abroad, and end the hostage situation in a speedy manner. We invite you to support us at this difficult time and stand by the innocent civilians and their families in a clear demand to bring them home NOW!

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