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By offering a full spectrum of excipients including binders, fillers/diluents, disintegrants, lubricants & coatings for solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms, we are able to address nearly every formulator's requirements. When it comes to pharma lab & production requirements, we have experts in pharmaceutical process know-how, and offer a full turn-key line of pharmaceutical processing equipment. Since the pharmaceutical industry operates in a very stringent regulatory environment, we meet all customer & regulatory requirements.

pharmaceutical products such as pilles and tablets. Get excipients here

HIGHEST LEVELS OF SAFETY, QUALITY, AND RELIABILTY We will not offer a product to a customer unless we are certain that it is suitable for the end market and use. We provide all required documents and support regarding the use and safety of products we offer. Our customers & suppliers can be assured that we maintain the highest level standards of quality, transparency and reliability, at all times. We are ISO:9001:2008 certified & hold a GDP certificate for the distribution of pharmaceutical starting materials. BSC offers a full range of excipients to our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical customers in Israel. Excipients are non-active substances used in pharmaceutical formulations to provide the necessary physical and chemical properties that enable the active ingredient(s) to be administered to the patient in the desired manner. These substances perform a variety of functions, including improving stability, enhancing bioavailability, controlling the release of active ingredients, and improving patient compliance.


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