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FloZein Products

About FloZein Products

FloZein Products is the only North American manufacturer of Zein, a biopolymer extracted from corn that can be used as a vegan glaze, coating, adhesive, encapsulation agent, and oxygen/moisture/microbial barrier for fresh, processed, and frozen food. Zein is also a gluten replacement for baking and can extend the shelf life of products. In addition to being a highly effective coating and encapsulation agent, Zein also has natural antimicrobial properties and superior moisture and oxidation barriers for both food and non-food applications. Zein can also coat fresh fruits and vegetables to preserve freshness and appearance, as well as to inhibit microbial growth.

Sein clean label replacement for shellac (also known as confectioners or pharmaceutical glaze), Zein from FloZein Products provides greater value:

  • Classified as a GRAS food ingredient by the U.S. FDA

  • Faster-drying, producing longer-lasting coatings

  • Provides a better seal with an equivalent number of coats

  • A more effective moisture barrier

  • A better coating for troublesome raw materials such as hygroscopic ingredients that pick up moisture easily

  • Cost effective since less product is needed in solution


The company offers a range of Zein products, which are all non-GMO, OU Kosher/Pareve, Halal Compliant, GRAS, 100% biodegradable and digestible, vegan, tasteless, odorless, and clear.


  • AquaZein™

  • Cozeen™

  • FloZein BoxCoat™

  • FloZein Vegan Glaze™

  • FloZein™

  • VPP™


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