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Kale Kimya

About Kale Kimya

Kale Kimya Group, founded in 1975 by Chemical Engineer Kazım Kaleagasi, is a conglomerate consisting of five companies. The group operates in various sectors such as Cosmetics, Detergent, Pharmaceutical, Food, Textile, Adhesives, Metal, and Pool chemicals. Since its establishment, the group has represented well-known multinational companies, providing technical support to different industries with its specialized engineering team. It is also the first ISO 9001 quality-certified distributor in Turkey.


Kale Kimya offers laboratory capabilities and technical expertise, and an extensive product portfolio of beauty and personal care products, and home and industrial cleaning products, including surfactants, actives, emulsifiers, preservatives, UV filters, fragrances, polymers, conditioners, esters, and emollients. The company has an extensive technical support team, fully equipped application laboratories, and wide range of logistic options through local warehouses in Turkey and the region.


Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Kale Kimya is a leading regional specialty chemicals distributor, playing a key role in the chemical industry supply in Turkey and over 30 export countries. The company has exclusive representation of over 20 well-known producers worldwide. Kale Kimya Group is a well-known leader in the Beauty and Personal Care and Home and Industrial Cleaning markets, with its primary focus on logistic and technical service-oriented marketing.


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