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KIYU New material Co., Ltd.

About KIYU New material Co., Ltd.

KIYU New material Co., Ltd. is a leading chemical enterprises, specializing in the manufacture of raw materials of cosmetics.


Since its establishment in August 20th.2002,KIYU company has rapidly grown and received the ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) & ISSO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) certifications. In 2012, KIYU invested 20 million dollars in the construction of an advanced modern new plant which covers 31951.17 m2. The new plant became operational in October 2016, with an annual capacity of 135000 tons.


KIYU company keeps pace with the science and technology and has been proceeding technology collaborations with Peking University (The most famous university in China) and the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology Chinese Academy of Sciences. In their R&D Department, professional chemical doctors and senior chemists are working together, dedicated to the research and innovation of high quality products and key materials. These include shampoos, shower gel, lotion, cream, facial cleanser, hair conditioner, hair care products and fabric softener and etc..


With their core principle of ”Good quality, better service”, KIYU supplies its customers with raw materials, cosmetic formulations and application guidance. KIYU is highly evaluated by international cosmetic companies and local cosmetic manufacturers. This is reflected in its sales and market reach that spans all of China and more than 50 countries.


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