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About Lingeba

Hangzhou Lingeba Technology Co., Ltd is a Chemical Manufacturingcompany committed to offering cosmetic functional materials, including NanoBioActives. They are dedicated to applying biological, chemical and nano delivery technology to research, develop and produce cosmetic raw materials. After ten years of solid operation, Hangzhou Lingeba Technology Co., Ltd. has grown into one of the best enterprises with the most operating specifications and influence in the cosmetics raw material industry.


With a unique marketing concept and their extensive management experience, Lingeba keeps exploring customer needs and responding quickly to provide customers with safe, effective and competitive high-quality functional raw materials. Their main products, such as whitening and freckle removing, UV absorbers, preservatives and surfactants, have been exported to the United States, South America, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Europe, and have a significant market share in China.


In cooperation with PuriParm medical technology company, Lingeba has successfully established green chemistry, nano-liposomes, nanomicelles, nanoemulsions, biotechnology and other technical platforms.


Lingeba has an independent laboratory to research and develop new products, analyze and control product quality, perfectly combine Chinese and Western skin care culture, science with beauty, art and technology, and add luster to the cosmetics raw material market;

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