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At BSC, our team of Logistics experts strives to provide supply chain excellence by ensuring that you receive the highest quality materials on time every time in order to help you meet your deadlines. We ensure that no transportation or storage conditions will affect the integrity of our products.


We are GDP and ISO certified – which means we are committed to maintaining supply chain integrity, from dispatch from the manufacturer to final delivery to your facility. We guarantee proper packaging, packaging integrity, proper temperature levels & climate conditions in transport and storage, as well as ensuring that all licenses from the Ministry of Health and other important governmental agencies are met.

logistics of our transport distribution truck in israel

At BSC, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. To this end we offer on-demand, and just in time delivery service as well as many different options for warehousing, delivery and storage conditions.

We have 6 warehouses, strategically located throughout the country, on main throughways and in close proximity to most large customers.

For more information on our distribution and warehouse capabilities and to ensure that your special needs are met, please feel free to contact us by phone or through our contact page.

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