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About OMVE

OMVE supplies a wide range of technologies for processing food and other liquid applications. Since 1993, they have designed, manufactured, supplied and commissioned small-scale process equipment for the global market. In 1996, they launched the first lab carbonator, the CF210 Carbo-Fill®, for premix and postmix drinks, and many other technologies have since been added to their range of small-scale process equipment.

The main advantages of lab- and pilot-scale process equipment include:

  • No loss of production, while shutting down your production plant for trials

  • Reduced waste of ingredients, with the use of smaller batches starting at 3L products

  • Optimized resource usage – energy and utilities as well as product

  • Early-stage studies and research on new recipes that can shorten time to market

Their equipment is designed according to proven scale-up principles. They are committed to allowing their customers as much flexibility as possible in their research and testing activities. To ensure this, their equipment simulates the production process in a way that’s precise and accurate, enabling you to easily scale-up your recipes to your process plant. Furthermore, they offer the option of upgrading your lab and pilot equipment in order to expand your own product portfolio. All machines can be integrated to a process plant or can be added with other features.

Please visit their website at:

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