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Viatel™ bioresorbable polymers: who puts the control in your release profile? [Webinar - 6 sep 2023]

Long-acting injectables (LAI): microsphere design, development and scale-up

Ashland and Oakwood Laboratories will present together, respectively discussing the chemistry of bioresorbable polymers applied to various parenteral formulations and a microsphere technology platform that offers reproducible, scalable, and consistent critical quality attributes under cGMP for multiple therapeutic indications.

Ashland will introduce NEW Viatel™ Ultrapure polymer and detail the advantages of ultra-low (≤ 0.5%) residual monomer specifications. Ashland will show how understanding the chemistry and versatility of Viatel™ polymers helps solve challenges in controlled drug release formulations and medical devices. Oakwood Laboratories will present two small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) microsphere case studies.

  • Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2023

  • Time: 10:00am EDT

  • Presenters:

    • Sean McMahon, PhD, global business manager, injectables, Life Sciences, Ashland

    • Rachel Galaska, formulation engineer, R&D, Oakwood Laboratories

REGISTER HERE to understand how:

Viatel™ polymer chemistry and process parameter controls can help achieve tunable release profiles of long-acting drug formulations

development and scale up challenges can be approached and overcome using Chroniject™ technology

strategies in microsphere technology can be coupled with appropriate bioresorbable polymers to deliver various molecules with tunable release profiles

*Webinar is presented on the Xtalks platform; you will be re-directed to the Xtalks website to register


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