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Alubra offers improved API dissolution
Lubricants are a vital part of the tableting manufacture process. Formulators have typically selected magnesium stearate to meet these needs as a familiar, well-established lubricant. Given today’s challenges in formulating tablets, it is important to ensure that the lubricant choice does not have a negative impact on disintegration and dissolution.Scientific evidence demonstrates that magnesium stearate can negatively impact disintegration and dissolution. Formulators need to consider these variables before selecting the appropriate lubricant for their formulation.

Alubra PG 100 is a fine, white to off-white powder used as a hydrophilic lubricant in capsule and tablet formulations. The fumarate moiety of Alubra increases its melting temperature, which allows for greater functionality at high press speeds.

High-performance lubricant for improved tableting performance

Alubra® sodium stearyl fumarate is a hydrophilic tablet binder for superior tablet performance. The fumarate increases the excipient’s melting temperature, enabling greater functionality at high press speeds. Meanwhile the stearate chain maintains the lubricity of the compound, supporting lower ejection forces and better tablet quality. In addition, the product is less susceptible to over-blending, facilitating more flexible process conditions and reduced waste as a result of batch failures.


Quality:  EP, JPE, USP/NF

  • Generic and alternative names

    Alubra® PG100
    Sodium Stearyl Fumarate

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    Compared with the widely used lubricant magnesium stearate, Alubra offers:

    • Enhanced Disintegration and dissolution
    • Compatability with a range of APIs
    • Flexibility in blending
    • Improved Compactability
    • Better tablet quality
    • low use levels 0.5 - 2%
  • Function

    Hydrophylic tablet binder;

  • Application

    • Tablets and capsules
    • Orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) and effervescent tablets
    • Formulations including poorly water-soluble drugs
    • Direct Compression
    • Chewable Tablets
    • Effervescent Tablets
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