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Aquateric® N100

Aquateric® N100

Alginates are naturally occurring hydrocolloids derived from marine brown algae, serving as essential structural components that impart strength and flexibility to the plants. These vegetable-based substances have gained significance in various industries.


Aquateric® N100® is a ready-to-use Alginate based Enteric Coating System. It’s a fully formulated coating blend with starch.


This system works by keeping the capsule intact in the stomach and releases the active at higher pH levels, thus complying to the dietary supplement disintegration requirements.

  • INCI


  • Generic and alternative names


    • Alginic acid
    • Sodium salt
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Product benefits
    • Cold and hot water solubility
    • Viscosity, gelation and rheology-modification at low concentration
    • Gelation with calcium source (no need for heat treatment i.e. cold-gelling)
    • Suspending agent
    • Water-binding / high water retention efficiency
    • Film-forming
    • Clean-label
    • Non-GMO 
    • Protection from stomach acid
    • Taste-masking
  • Function

    • Binder
    • Rheology modifier/stabilizer
    • Coating agent
  • Application

    • Suspensions, Tablets
    • Microencapsulation
    • Stabilization in solutions and suspensions
  • Packaging

    25 KG BAGS

  • Shelf life

    18 months

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