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A nonionic water-insoluble surfactant used as cosurfactant in oral lipid-based formulation SEDDS and SMEDDS. Cosurfactant and solubilizer in topical dosage forms.
Product form: Oily liquid
Viscosity (mPa.s): 20 (20°C)
HLB: 6
  • INCI

    Propylene glycol mono and dicaprylate NF
  • Generic and alternative names

    Propylene Glycol Monocaprylate (type I) NF PROPYLENE GLYCOL CAPRYLATE Propylene glycol monocaprylate
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Oral drug delivery: Excipient used in formulations for solubility and bioavailability enhancement.
    • Oral drug delivery: Water insoluble surfactant for SELF (self-emulsifying lipidic formulation).
    • Oral/Dermal drug delivery: Solubilizer for actives.
    • Dermal drug delivery: W/O surfactant. It improves the stability of emulsions.
  • Function

    Solubilizer for poorly-soluble APIs and bioavailability enhancer; Cosurfactant in LFCS Type II (SEDDS) and Type III (SMEDDS) formulations; Solubilizer and cosurfactant for microemulsion in topical formulation; Penetration enhancer
  • Application

    This product is a pharmaceutical ingredient. It is recommended for use in pharmaceutical formulations administered by oral, topical and/or rectal/vaginal routes.

  • Packaging

    Steel drum 25 kg (BFC).

    Sample available upon request.

  • Shelf life

    3 years under the recommended storage conditions and should not be used after its expiry date.
    Container packaged under nitrogen.
    Special temperature storage conditions are not required.
    Store the product in its original packaging sealed tightly, protected from light and moisture.

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