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CitroSperse™ Yellow Iron Oxide

CitroSperse™ Yellow Iron Oxide

A bio-based pigment dispersion in a patented sustainable silicone alternative emollient. Thick cream consistency, high pigment loading and remarkable color intensity. Built on citropol technology that is biodegradable, biorenewable and biocompatible. Suitable for use in a wide variety of color cosmetics applications within applicable regulations and limitations.
  • INCI

    Iron Oxides (55-65%) (and) Polycitronellol (30-40%)
  • Generic and alternative names

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    - very high pigment loading; - remarkable color intensity; - built on citropol technology that is biodegradable, bio-renewable and biocompatible.
  • Function

  • Application

    color cosmetics applications
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