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CitroVisc™ 10K

CitroVisc™ 10K

CitroVisc™ 10K acts as an emollient and is a viable natural alternative to 10,000 cP silicones. It is inherently biodegradable according to the OECD 301b biodegradability test as well as biocompatible and biorenewable. It is a non-GMO, silicone-like cosmetic fluid free of food allergens. It does not induce skin allergy and has no petrochemical-derived content. It is paraben-, phthalate-, sulfate- & gluten-free and promotes better combability on hair. It is long lasting and shows better spreadability, feels lighter, is slipperier on application. It has low e-factor, is less tacky, less greasy and leaves notably lesser residue upon application and rub out. Provides better conditioning effect on hair and prevents moisture loss. It is VEGAN & Kosher certified with clean label. Formulations with CitroVisc™ 10K effectively leave face, scalp and body surfaces feeling hydrated.
  • INCI

    Polycitronellol (91.0%) (and) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (9.0%)
  • Generic and alternative names

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    - biodegradable, bio-renewable and biocompatible; - non-GMO, silicone-like cosmetic fluid free of food allergens; - does not induce skin allergy; - contains no petrochemical-derived content; - paraben-, phthalate-, sulfate- & gluten-free
  • Function

    Anti-Tack Agent; Conditioner; Emollient; Re-Fatting Agent
  • Application

    Cosmetic applications; Suitable for all skin and hair types, effective for hair conditioning.
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