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FlowLac® 90

FlowLac® 90

The product FlowLac® is produced by spray-drying a suspension of fine milled alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals in a solution of lactose. When lactose in solution is spray-dried, a rapid removal of water is taking place, whereby amorphous, non-crystalline lactose is formed in addition to crystalline lactose. Based on the amorphous content, kept on a stable level, non-varying better tabletting properties can be reached.
Due to the spray-drying process, FlowLac® has a spherical agglomerate shape, consisting of small alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals bound by amorphous lactose.
FlowLac® 90 was developed to provide greater compactability compared to FlowLac®100 by optimizing the amorphous lactose content. In addition, the particle size distribution makes FlowLac® 90 virtually dust-free.
Particle size distribution
[Air jet sieve]
<32 µm: NMT 5%
<100 µm: 25-40%
<200 µm: NLT 85%
Typical Values
Bulk Density [g/l]: 560
Tapped Density [g/l] : 670
Hausner factor: 1.2
Carrs index: 16.42 %
  • INCI

  • Generic and alternative names

    Lactose Monohydrate, Spray-dried
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    Superior flowability Excellent compactability Low hygroscopicity and high stability Fast disintegration times
  • Function

    diluents; fillers
  • Application

    Low to medium dose DC formulations Formulations with poorly flowing API´s Capsule and sachet filling
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