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Gatuline® Expression effectively prevents the appearance of expression lines and visibly smooths the skin surface. This fast-acting ingredient redefines both the eye and lip contours in record time. Expression lines (i.e., fine lines) are the result of thousands of daily involuntary microcontractions of the facial muscles. They become more visible and deeper as we age and are a real concern for people who want to maintain a youthful appearance. Natural, safe, preservative-free extract of a non-GMO plant grown in a protected environment. Acmella oleracea is a plant with small yellow flowers commonly used as a spice and anesthetic agent in Madagascar, from which it is sourced. In fact, its unique numbing effect led to its popularity in cocktails and the nickname “buzz buttons.” This anesthetic effect is also what drew the attention of Gattefossé researchers. Other grade available: Gatuline® Expression (INCI : Alcohol (and) Water (and) Acmella Oleracea Extract) In vitro and in vivo tests prove Gatuline® Expression AF: exerts a powerful, reversible myorelaxant effect; visibly smooths crow’s-feet after just one day of treatment; clearly reduces vertical wrinkles (i.e., bar code wrinkles and bitterness folds); redefines lip contour, making it sharper, finer, and more intense; continues to act on wrinkles over the long term.

  • INCI

    Propanediol (and) Water (and) Acmella Oleracea Extract
  • Generic and alternative names

    Acmella oleracea

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Exerts myorelaxant effect
    • Yields instantly visible results
    • Provides natural alternative to injections
    • Erases expression lines
    • Reduces bar code wrinkles and bitterness folds
    • Smooths and redesigns the lip contour
    • Recurves Cupid’s bow
    • Preservative free
  • Function

    Active Ingredient
  • Application

    Anti-aging products
    Anti wrinkle care
    Eye and lip contour treatments

  • Packaging

    5 kg (Plastic can)

  • Certifications & Compliance

    • COSMOS/Ecocert (Approved)
    • Certified RSPO Mass Balance
    • Listed on IECIC 2021
    • NATRUE approved raw material
  • Shelf life

    3 years

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