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Gatuline® Skin-Repair AF boosts the synthesis of specialized pro-resolving mediators and therefore, prevents chronic inflammation induced with age, called inflamm’aging. Better armed to combat inflammation, the skin regenerates more efficiently and the return to cutaneous homeostasis of stressed or damaged skin is accelerated. Gatuline® Skin-Repair AF is an organic certified active ingredient extracted from the flowering aerial parts of Onopordum acanthium. The plant grows at the heart of France, in a farm managed in the respect of nature and biodiversity, following principles of an ecological farming method called conservation agriculture.


Gatuline® Skin-Repair AF acts on the inflammatory process:
- Boosts the synthesis of specialized pro-resolving mediators (lipoxins) and their precursors (in vitro)
- Promotes the resolution of inflammation (in vitro)

Gatuline® Skin-Repair AF optimizes the epidermis renewal processand favors the repair of the barrier function:
- Stimulates keratinocytes differentiation (in vitro)
- Preserves the barrier function (in vitro / in vivo)

  • INCI

    Propanediol (and) Water (and) Onopordum Acanthium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
  • Generic and alternative names

    Onopordum Acanthium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
    Definition: Hydroglycolic extract (Propanediol / Water) from the aerial parts of Onopordon (Onopordum acanthium).

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Efficiently combats inflammation
    • Promotes the final resolution of inflammation
    • Stimulates epidermal repair of dry or damaged skin
    • Restores skin barrier function
    • Preserves the skin from dehydration
  • Function

    Active ingredient

  • Application

    • Skin care: anti-aging, moisturizers for mature skin, creams for dry or sensitive skins
    • Sun burn treatments
    • Body care: treatments for damaged skins, post surgery treatments
  • Packaging

    Plastic can 5 kg.
    Sample available upon request

  • Shelf life

    18 Months

  • Certifications & Compliance

    RSPO Mass Balance (certified)
    NATRUE approved raw material

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