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A 100% renewable aroma ingredient made with proprietary green chemistry. It is 100% bio-based, non-GMO material and has no petrochemical-derived content. It brings a fresh, versatile and herbal top note to the perfumer’s palette. It evokes basil, anise & slight jasmine and is reminiscent of Thai Basil. It shows sustainability and demonstrates uses in consumer applications. It offers a natural and clean character to accords, giving tenacity that lasts up to 3 hours. It starts with a raw material sourced from terpenes and is chemically processed to yield monocyclic monoterpene alcohol. It is readily biodegradable in a MITI (I) test for biodegradability (OECD TG 301C)
  • INCI

    Fragrance, Parfum
  • Generic and alternative names

    1-[(4R)-4- methylcyclohexen-1-yl]ethanone
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

  • Function

    Fragrance Ingredient
  • Application

    Consumer products.
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