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This waxy compound has a very good affinity with the skin’s hydrolipidic film. It has a melting point close to skin. 
Lipocire™ A SG is composed of 100% RSPO segregated sustainable palm and palm kernel oils. The fruit of the palm tree has dark red skin and yellow-orange flesh, and it is particularly rich in nutrients. The pulp of the fruit and the almond within its kernel both have a high triglyceride content (>50%).
  • INCI

    C10-18 Triglycerides
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Vegetable butter
    • Perfect heat stability
    • Light sensory after touch
    • Provides body and silkiness to emulsions
    • Improves spreadability and comfort
    • Does not contain ingredients of animal origin
    • Provides long-lasting hydration and comfort
  • Function

    texturizing agent; emollient; sensory enhancer

  • Application

    • Skin care - emulsions, anhydrous gels
    • Sun care
    • Makeup - mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, sticks, eyeliners, eye shadows, blushes, loose powders
    • Hair care
  • Packaging

    Bag in cardboard box 20 kg (pellets) (PCB).

    Sample available upon request.

  • Shelf life

    4 years

  • Certifications & Compliance

    • ECOCERT / COSMOS approved
    • NPA certified
    • NSF compliant
    • Certified RSPO Segregated
    • Listed on IECIC 2021
    • NATRUE approved raw material
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