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Lynside® Forte B

Lynside® Forte B

Lynside® Forte B is a nutritional yeast that is fortified with the eight essential B vitamins, helping your customer easily meet their recommended daily intake. It is derived from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Lynside® Forte B can help prevent weakness and chronic fatigue. From vegetarians to athletes to senior citizens to pregnant women, B vitamins have many benefits.

In addition to vitamins, this fortified yeast also provides proteins, fibers, minerals, and other nutrients that contribute to overall wellness.


Lynside® Nutritional Yeasts are produced using molasse, a by-product of the sugar industry. During production process, yeast cream is cleaned to remove remaining substrate. This substrate is widespread in the fields used to produce beets at the origin of the molasse. All the elements involved in the yeast production are valorized to limit the environmental impact.


Lynside® Nutritional Yeast is a nutritional yeast that can be used in various applications such as dietary supplements, seasonings, and functional foods. Thanks to their good nutritional profile on proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium.


This organic nutritional yeast is a rich source of B-complex vitamins and can easily be added to a number of meals and drinks. Sprinkle on popcorn, salads, soups and casseroles for a boost of nutrients.

  • Generic and alternative names

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    Lynside® Forte B can be used in a wide range of health applications thanks to its complete B-vitamin content including:
    •    Immunity
    •    Heart health
    •    Antioxidation
    •    Sports nutrition and weight management
    •    Hair and skin care
    •    Cognitive and mental performance
    •    Prenatal benefits
    •    Eye care and vision

    Not only does Lynside® Forte B offer the benefits of the eight B-vitamins, but also all the vital nutritional value of yeast itself like fibers and proteins. It is a unique product providing B-vitamins whose bioavailability was studied in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial sponsored by Gnosis by Lesaffre.

  • Function

    • Nutritional Yeast
    • Vitamin
  • Application

    This all-in-one formula is ready to be used in dietary supplements  in the form of tablets and capsules, alone or in a mix, to deliver an adequate amount of B-vitamins. Lynside® Forte B can also be incorporated into seasonings and functional foods.

  • Packaging

    25 KG

  • Certifications & compliance

    • Gluten-free
    • Halal
    • Kosher
    • Lactose-free
    • Non GMO
    • Vegetarian and Vegan
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