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NEUROCOL Y is a rich source of hydrolyzed collagen from Sea urchin called ‘hormone of sea’ Inspired by the Sea urchin’s capability of the rapid skin texture change, Dermalab has developed a novel composition which contains the expression stimulator related to the collagenous stiffness. Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP), a neuropeptide, is originated from epidermal and dermal nerve endings, and it can inhibit the immune responses against external and internal stimuli. As this peptide is to gradually decrease with age (neuro aging), the supplement of this peptide or expression stimulator can lead to an anti-aging effect. NEUROCOL Y contains ingredients that stimulate the expression of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), and it can return the neuro-aged skin to the healthy stage. NEUROCOL Y can be used for the applications to fine lines, wrinkles typically found in aged, and environmentally damaged skin.
  • INCI

    Water (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin (and) Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Generic and alternative names

    Dimethyl 2-(3-ethyl-3-methylpentyl)propanedioate
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Promotion of CGRP expression in aged neurons • Enhancement of Fibroblast vitality • Stimulation of COL1A1 expression • Stimulation of Collagen production • Rejuvenation of Dermal stiffness
  • Function

    Active agent
  • Application

    Facial Skin Care; Body care; Hair care; Moisturizing
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