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Active ingredient: Monoeethanolamine Oleate.

In 1991, FUJI CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES successfully commercialized the injectable form of Oldamin, which is a drug for esophageal varices that has greatly contributed to the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.


Ethanolamine oleate is a mild sclerosing agent. It is composed of ethanolamine, a basic substance, which when combined with oleic acid forms a clear, straw to pale yellow colored, deliquescent oleate.

  • Generic and alternative names

    • Monoethanolamine oleate
    • Ethanolamine oleate
    • Ethamolin
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Contributes to the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Function

    Agents affecting metabolism
  • Application

    Esophageal Varices Selelosis Agent
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