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A glyceride with an intermediate melting point used as lubricant and flow aid in powder blends for capsule filling and as a coating agent for taste masking.
Coating agent for taste masking. Lubricant and flow aid for capsule filling with powders. Modified release matrix former for tablets. Safety of use is inferred by GRAS status and precedence of use in approved pharmaceutical products.
  • INCI

    Glyceryl Distearate

  • Generic and alternative names

    Glyceryl distearate Glycerol distearate (type I)
    Glyceryl palmitostearate
    Glyceryl distearate NF current edition.

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Oral drug delivery: taste-masking agent.
    • Oral drug delivery: modified-release agent.
    • Oral drug delivery: lubricant for capsules.
  • Function

    • Coating agent for taste masking
    • Lubricant and flow aid for capsule filling with powders
    • Modified-release agent
  • Application

    Oral drug delivery

  • Packaging

    Bag in cardboard box 25 kg (metal-coated polyester/polyethylene bag).

    Sample available upon request.

  • Shelf life

    2 years

  • Certifications & Compliance

    RSPO Mass Balance (certified)

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