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Protanal® LFR 5/60

Protanal® LFR 5/60

Protanal LFR 5/60 is a low molecular weight (low viscosity) sodium alginate derived from Laminaria hyperborean, a type of marine brown algae. Its cold solubility allows it to form relatively weak gels when combined with calcium. The primary application of Protanal LFR 5/60 lies in liquid esophageal reflux formulations.


Alginate, a natural hydrocolloid found in marine brown algae, serves as an effective barrier for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). When alginate enters the stomach, it interacts with gastric juice, creating a long-lasting acid gel that acts as a physicochemical barrier between the stomach and the esophagus. This prevents the stomach acid from entering the esophagus, providing relief from GERD symptoms. Additionally, increased intra-gastric pressure causes the alginate foam to rise into the lower esophagus and adhere to the mucosa, forming a protective coating against the acidic stomach contents.


Protanal LFR 5/60 is particularly recommended for creating premier raft formations in liquid products, and it also serves as a solubilizer for solid-dispersion and nano-dispersion. The key dosage forms for this sodium alginate are oral suspensions and chewable tablets, making it a valuable ingredient in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Overall, sodium alginate is derived from brown seaweed and is known for its efficacy in treating GERD, owing to its ability to create a strong physical barrier, preventing stomach acid from entering the esophagus.

  • INCI


  • Generic and alternative names


    • Alginic acid
    • Sodium salt

    Brand names:

    • LAMINA-G
  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    • Cold and hot water solubility
    • Viscosity, gelation and rheology-modification at low concentration
    • Gelation with calcium source (no need for heat treatment i.e. cold-gelling)
    • Suspending agent
    • Water-binding / high water retention efficiency
    • Film-forming
  • Function

    • Binder
    • Rheology modifier/stabilizer
    • Solubilizer
    • Anti-reflux
    • Gelling agent
  • Application

    • Suspensions, Tablets
    • Microencapsulation
    • Stabilization in solutions and suspensions
    • Solid Dispersion
    • Nano-suspension Stabilizer
  • Packaging

    25 KG

  • Shelf life

    12 months

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