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Sensogel™ 200

Sensogel™ 200

SENSOGEL™ is a series of pre-neutralized, acrylamide-free liquid thickeners designed to impart a feathery light, “quick break” sensory during application with a velvety soft afterfeel. A robust and versatile rheological modifier, Sensogel™ can be used to make anything from thin spray formulas to thick butters by simply adjusting the usage rate. It can also maintain strong viscosity through an extremely wide pH range, and is especially effective at low pH for formulations requiring specialized treatment actives.


Sensogel™ 200 is a novel rheology additive for the water phase of cosmetic products, and is consisted of a hydrophobic modified associative polymer, oil, emulsifiers, glycerin, and water. Through the hydrophobic association, the pendant hydrophobic groups of the associative polymer enhances its thickening power, its O/W emulsion stabilization ability, its own product stability, its synergy with other thickeners, and its electrolyte resistance. At the same time, it offers a fresh, soft, non-sticky elegant sensory at pick-up, rub-in, and after-application

  • INCI

  • Claims / benefits / efficacy

    Advantages in Manufacturing:

    • Product stability with no separation or sedimentation
    • Consistent dose response

    Benefits for Formulation/Product Development:

    • Liquid Pre-Neutralized Acrylate thickener
    • Effective glycerin and polar solvent thickener
    • Fresh, soft texture
    • Easy absorption
    • Sensory-focused rheological profile: non-tacky sensory experience, creamy during initial rub-in
    • Safe formulation without hazardous Acrylamide monomer
    • Versatile across pH range (2 - 12) and cold/hot processes
    • Compatibility with a wide variety of polar solvents
  • Function

    O/W emulsifyer;
    Thickener (Liquid, pre-neutralized acrylate thickener

  • Application

    Skin and hair care: fine and rich lotions, cream, and cream-gel with fresh, soft, easy absorbing, and non-tacky texture
    Low pH formulations: Skin peeling, Self-Tanning, Acne treatment, Hair color/Perm, Bleaching, etc.
    Sun care and after-sun products
    Facial mask sheets
    Makeup: Cleansers, make-up remover, etc.

  • Packaging

    20 kg in 5 gallon plastic pail

  • Shelf life

    2 Years

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