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What is Ac-Di-Col®?

Croscarmellose Sodium NF, Ph. Eur., JP

Ac-Di-Sol superdisintegrant facilitates rapid disintegration and drug dissolution at low use levels in tablets, capsules, granules, and other rapidly disintegrating dosage forms. Ac-Di-Sol is recognized for superior quality, consistency, and stability and is the standard by which superdisintegrants are compared.

Ac-Di-Sol® SDW-802 Croscarmellose Sodium

The non-GMO superdisintegrant from FMC!
Ac-Di-Sol SDW-802 is a specialty grade of croscarmellose sodium from FMC BioPolymer based on wood pulp.

The source of cellulose can impact a disintegrant’s effectiveness by influencing it’s wicking and swelling properties. By optimizing morphology and the manufacturing process, Ac-Di-Sol SDW-802 gives similar disintegration performance compared to Ac-Di-Sol SD-711 (cotton-based material).

Ac-Di-Sol SDW-802 delivers:

  • optimized performance

  • superior quality

  •  non-GMO regulatory status

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