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About CapsCanada

CapsCanada is one of the world’s leading providers of high quality, empty, hard capsules serving global pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets. They continue to innovate gelatin and HPMC capsule technologies, building on a 30-year legacy of support for the industry.

They have been responsible for many firsts in the marketplace, and continue to dedicate themselves to deeply personalized service to their client base, where every customer feels that they are cared for with exceptional quality, reliable delivery, and every other level of support they need.

With over three decades of experience working with pharmaceutical and supplements manufacturers, they are expertly positioned to support these manufacturers' goals to put complex formulations into oral dosage forms and to optimize their brand in increasingly consumer-aware markets. They have innovated a range of capsules meeting the needs many demands and applications, including leadership in HPMC capsules that are the leading choice in over 60 markets.

They offer many ways to customize capsules and their technical service supports customers – ensuring that capsules offer superior performance on filling machines to optimize productivity and profitability, while maintaining exceptional quality. Their capsules are available in a full range of sizes, and can be customized with diverse coloration, imprinting and finishing options to reflect the unique characteristics of your brand.

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