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Fuji Chemical Industries

About Fuji Chemical Industries

Founded in 1946, Fuji Chemical Industries is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and raw materials, rooted in the philosophy of "keisei saimin" that aims to alleviate human suffering. With a strong focus on research and development, the company delivers high-quality products that contribute to improving human health.

In the global pharmaceutical raw materials market, Fuji Chemical Industries excels in enhancing material performance through advanced processing technologies. 

Recognizing the significance of anti-aging in the 21st century, the company has achieved a remarkable feat by industrializing natural astaxanthin—a safe and potent antioxidant. With astaxanthin's anti-inflammatory properties, Fuji Chemical Industries is dedicated to providing this valuable substance as raw materials for health foods worldwide.

Committed to creating products that positively impact people and society, Fuji Chemical Industries leverages its technical expertise in bulk pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products, and life sciences. The company appreciates the continued support of its customers and remains dedicated to their well-being.

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