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P2 Science is a renewable chemistry company that is committed to creating sustainable chemical solutions for the future. They specialize in developing and commercializing high-performance chemicals from bio-based feedstocks, providing innovative alternatives to traditional petrochemicals.


P2 Science's proprietary technology allows them to create a wide range of specialty chemicals that are both high-performing and sustainable. Their products are used in a variety of applications, including personal care, flavors and fragrances, and lubricants. They work closely with their customers to create customized solutions that meet their specific needs, and they are constantly innovating to stay at the forefront of sustainable chemistry.


One of P2 Science's key areas of focus is personal care, where they offer a range of bio-based specialty ingredients that are gentle on the skin and hair while delivering superior performance. Their products include emollients, esters, and other functional ingredients that are used in a variety of personal care formulations, from lotions and creams to shampoos and conditioners.


Another area where P2 Science excels is in flavors and fragrances, where they offer a range of sustainable and biodegradable ingredients that are used in food, beverage, and fragrance applications. Their products are known for their purity and quality, and they work closely with their customers to develop customized blends that meet their specific needs.


P2 Science is committed to sustainability, and they prioritize the use of renewable feedstocks and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout their operations. They also prioritize social responsibility and ethical sourcing of their ingredients, ensuring that their products are both sustainable and socially responsible.

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