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IFF Corporation

About IFF Corporation 

IFF, a global leader in flavors, fragrances, and active ingredients, has a long-standing history of innovation and excellence. As part of their strategic expansion into the pharmaceutical market, IFF acquired the excipient division from FMC Corporation, bolstering product offerings and strengthening its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.


At BSC Distributors, we are pleased to represent a diverse range of top-tier pharmaceutical excipients. Included in our range of excipients are the heritage FMC product categories, now integrated into the renowned International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) portfolio. The primary products we represent in this product line include the range Avicel®, Ac-di-Sol®, Alubra®, Carrageenan and Alginates.


Unparalleled Product Range:

At BSC Distributors, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical excipients, carefully selected from the heritage FMC product categories. These excipients have undergone rigorous quality testing and comply with international regulatory standards, ensuring the highest level of safety and efficacy for your formulations.

Read more about our IFF pharmaceutical excipients:
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